"kalau aku boleh buat orang di sekeliling aku gembira,aku juga akan gembira walaupun aku sebenarnya derita"

aku tulis apa yg aku rsa,apa yg aku alami n apa yg aku rsa berkaitan ngan aku wlpn bnda tu ada kna mngena ngan org lain..

Friday, January 1, 2010

the past come back again

its just a title but for me,its everthings...i never fall in love MySpace with someone that really2 care about me...i do a stupid thing...the stupid thing make meMySpacecry almost every nite and no one know im crying...only my heart can feel itMySpacemy eye wet and i cant sleep until 4 to 5 am...only after that i can sleep...i cry bcause my my stupid things hurt the gurl that i really love...idk what will happen to me this year but i cry a lot last year even im a boy...boy also have feeling like gurl...every nite i pray that she can give me second chance to redeem my fault...until now,i didnt see that she want give me second chance...i deserve that coz im stupidMySpacevery2 stupid...im stupid but i just ordinary personMySpaceonly u in my heart foreverMySpaceim happy with uMySpaceand im cry right now in cc think about my stupid word...i cant forgive myself MySpace im so stupid...

please take my life !!! MySpace